Strange behaviour with ESP8266-01 Standalone example after powercycle

I am trying the standalone example and noticing something strange. First off, here is how I am connected:

VCC => 3.3V
GOIO2 => LED => 1K => GND
CH_PD => 10K => 3.3V

Everything works fine on first upload of firmware taken from the docs here.

The problem is that after I reboot the ESP8266-01 the LED goes HIGH and stays there. To get this to work I have to remove the cable from GPIO2 so that there is no load then power up the ESP8266-01, wait a few seconds and then reconnect the cable (load) to GPIO2.

Is this normal and expected of the example (although not stated anywhere on the page)?

Please advice.

PS - I did try searching and couldn’t find similar posts/solution. I also tried several ESP8266-01 modules and got the same results.

Gpio2 is best used as a pull down port if used from start up. I.e. vcc …R… Led… Gpio2.
I always use 02 in that state. As far as I recall its something to do with the esp startup bootloader state.
Anyway, you’ll have no problems if you have some kind of pullup on it when using it.