Strange behavior on Terminal widget

Terminal widget is powerful, but there are problems on visualization. Sometimes I have a duplicate text and I solve if I Stop and Run the project.

Sometimes, if I stop and run to delete duplicate, text on terminal disappears totally and it is impossible to recover.

Even if text does not disappear immediately, when I re-open the app after hours, text disappears.

I hope it will be solved as soon as possible because I use terminal widget as summary of my energy consumption of every day and if text disappears, I lose all my consumption history (to be honest project is not complete and so energy consumpion is not real at the moment :joy:)

You should not use terminal for historical record keeping!

I have also noticed duplicated text when using terminal… always complete lines as opposed to duplicated characters.

I thought it might have to do with the use of terminal.flush(), but without that, nothing printed at all.


It did not always print duplicate lines… so it was a little tough to track the reason. so I ended up using Blynk.virtualWrite (Vx, inputString); instead.

And to keep the issue on topic, while I must agree that historical record keeping shouldn’t be entrusted to any basic display type widget (at least mid-long term)… I also believe they should only show what was sent and not clear until purposefully cleared…as long as project isn’t stopped or connection completely drops, requiring restart - as I suspect happens in this case…

However, this situation needs clarification…

@mimmo13 Are you keeping the project running and just ‘soft’ closing (minimizing or switching to another app)… not force closing the app itself?

@Dave1829 @Gunner I know, terminal widget is not the best choice for historical records. I tried table widget, but i don’t like that new entries go at bottom of the list without autoscroll. In your opinion, which kind of widget can I use to record data?

Some people use the history graph widget to export data to get data readings as a file, but I personally upload my data to

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Yes. This is old bug. I’ll try to fix it soon.
Created ticket - so you can track progress.

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Thank you @Dmitriy

The problem still exist also using Blynk.virtualWrite (Vx, inputString) . Very often the inputString is duplicated on Terminal widget . No way to solve . I am using a trick to bypass the problem using the AUTOSCROLL option and putting all text in a long single inputString .In this way , when there is a duplication , all the text simply scroll very fast .

Anyway I am still waiting for a definitive solution to this problem .

This is a very old topic… so I am closing it.

This “issue” has been popping back a few times, probably for differing reasons and resolved with differing versions of App. Thus, whatever “definitive” solution will probably not happen until they (the developers) release the “new” version of Blynk.