Stepper sketch required (general how to do question)

I try many sketch to control stepper connected to pins ( 8,9,10,11). I trayinga to control the stepper speed using blynk slider (v2), but not working and blynk—ser batch disconnect and not working, i need a sketch for my stepper ,thnx

We are not a code factory here!

Also, please don’t keep opening new topics with similar questions.

Just as with your Servo motor request a few days ago… Google the words Stepper, Arduino & Wiring as you can not directly hook up a stepper without risk to your Arduino.

With the correct wiring and controller you will also find all the code you need to get it running on various “How To” sites… then once you know how the hardware works, you can start on converting the control methods with a Blynk widget.


I would think controlling the speed of a stepper shouldn’t be too difficult.

My thoughts would be to use a stepper motor driver (e.g.A3967 Easy Drive), and have the slider control the time between the pulses being sent to the easy driver, and thus control the speed of the stepper motor.

It is relatively easy, OP just has to use a proper controller and library. Sooo many options out there to do so. e.g.

Then modding for Blynk should be equally simple.