Step slider not using specified steps when sliding

Added a slider with range 0-20000, step 500.
When pushing the ± is will do 500 steps, but when using the slider it will step “almost” 500 steps (0,495, 989, 1484, etc).

Pixel 6, Android 12, Blynk 1.6.1

I tried the same slider with same values
No problem for me, step 0,500,1000,1500, and so on until 20000

Under android 10, Blynk 1.6.1 (89)

I believe it has to do with resolution. If I make the widget default size it will do 0, 477, 955, etc.
If I make it bigger to fill the screen it will do 0,4995,989, etc
Note that this is when I use the slider, not the ± buttons next to the slider.

I just tried to change the size of the widget, that works too
and steps are 0 500 1000 … not 499

Wow, thats a strange issue, we will check in on our side