State from the buildinled of esp32

hello i need help

how can i read the status of the builin led from my esp32

and send that to my blynk ?

the buildin led is on Pin 5

can somebody send me the code

One option is to use digitalRead() and send the result to a Blynk virtual pin using Blynk.virtualWrite(VPin).
If the LED is active LOW then you may need to invert the value before sending it to Blynk using the logical NOT operator (!)

You need to ensure that you don’t send data to Blynk more than 10 times per second, so putting the code in the void loop isn’t an option. You’d need to use a BlynkTimer instead.

The other (more logical) option is to update the Blynk virtual pin when you update the LED, provided you aren’t doing this more than 10 times per second.