Standalone project and plus account

Hello. I’ve a question. I would like to build my own project for my aquarium but I have a question: if I’ll make public the app than I’ll have to pay monthly 6 euro? Life-time? or when I’ll publish the app I can stop paying the fee?

Publishing the app on the app store is for the white label plan ($599 USD/Month).

You can see the different pricing plans, and their respective options, here:

Are you talking about Blynk IoT or Blynk Legacy?


Which one should I choose? Legacy will be discontinued?

If I would like to build a system to control my aquarium, which is the way to go?


I’m trying to make sense of your original question, hence my question about whether this was a Legacy or IoT question.

You’ve confused the issue by saying…

Blynk doesn’t create a personalised app that can be downloaded from the App/Play stores. That is an option if you pay for the white label plan, but it seems that this I sent really what you want.

For every other type of subscription plan, you use the Blynk app on your phone and log-in to your account to see your personalised app dashboard.

I assume they your ”public” comment means that you wish to share the app with other members of your family? You can do this with the free version of the IoT subscription, provided there are no more than 5 people involved.
The main drawback of the free subscription is the limited number of widgets available.
If you want more widgets then you have to go to the Plus subscription. If you stop paying the Plus subscription then your Plus widgets will stop working.

Does that answer your questions?