Stability issues after update?

I’ve just updated the android app to 1.0 RC3 and the library to 0.2.2.

I’m experiencing different stability issues. The app sometimes looses connection, and sometimes it looses connection and tells me i have wrong email or password. Makes me have to logout and login again.
I also experience the device loosing connection for periods.

I used the same sketch as before update, just added a push notification widget.

Are these issues some you know of, or should i do some more testing? are they perhaps server related?


Please try latest version v0.2.3 from github. Release version v0.2.2 had a bug, that is, I hope, fixed in latest version v0.2.3. Try it and let us know if you still have problems.


Thx for the help. It seems to have worked so far with the issue on the device. But i still get issues with “Incorrect email or password, try again”

I connected with the app, turned of the screen, let it be for 10-15 min. When i turned on the screen again the message came. Then i need to log out and enter email password again. (the device still running during this without any problems)

i use Oneplus One with CM12.1, Blynk v1.0 RC3


Hm, that strange. Could you please tell me where are you located geographically (country, city) and your connection type (3g, wifi)? It could be slow connection issue.