Sql raw data not working on Raspberry pi


I’ve installed local server on my raspberry pi as per instructions. All working OK.
I’ve installed the sql database as per instructions. Tables appear to be created as expected.
my has been changed (copy of segment from file):

#specifies maximum period of time when hardware socket could be idle. After which
#socket will be closed due to non activity. In seconds. Default value 10 if not provided.
#leave it empty for infinity timeout

#enable DB

#size of async logger ring buffer. should be increased for loads >2-3k req/sec

i’m not seeing the entry in the postgres log file as indicated in the blynk instructions:

   2017-03-02 16:17:18.367 - DB url : jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/blynk?tcpKeepAlive=true&socketTimeout=150
    2017-03-02 16:17:18.367 - DB user : test
    2017-03-02 16:17:18.367 - Connecting to DB...
    2017-03-02 16:17:18.455 - Connected to database successfully.

Instead i am seeing:

06:48:12.504 - Separate DB storage disabled.
06:48:12.509 - Separate DB storage disabled.
07:00:37.786 - Separate DB storage disabled.
07:00:37.790 - Separate DB storage disabled.

This appears to be the message instigated when I reboot the raspberry pi

Also on my super chart I’m just seeing live data. No history. Is this also an indication that raw data is not being stored?

Any ideas? Thanks.

Thanks @PeteKnight for tidying up the text. I couldn’t remember how to do that.

Sorted now. I overlooked the instruction to specify the folder location of the mail and server properties files. I just assumed blynk would look in the default data directory for them. I thought the instruction was just if you wanted to store the files elsewhere. Now why would I want to do that - Doh.

Reason why supercharts was not displaying data I think is because i was just using a change in state of a button widget to test it. I was not using a virtual write. Now that I have done a virtual write of the button state to that virtual pin then I can see in the SQL DB (using pgAdmin) that the data is now being stored.

I had assumed that any changes in the state of the virtual pins such as a button press for example would have been logged as raw data. Maybe a silly question - is there a reason why not?

So all good now. Thanks.

Answered my own silly question now that I’m starting to gain a bit more understanding of the DB structures and the storage demarcation of live/current state data and raw/history data.

Simply if you need to have history then write it to a virtual pin. Clear to me now.

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