Speed mesurement


I would like your help with a project i have.

How can i mesure speed in meters per hour using an Arduino ?

I have a wheel that moves verry slow on the ground and i have a magnet and a hall effect sensor.

Can you guys help me?


That is a simple case of Google searching… Find a sketch and matching hardware option and get it working in Arduino. Then try blending in Blynk for whatever reasons you need (aka display widgets, etc.).

Hello Gunner

Thank you for your reply.

I dos search Google for the awnser but all i could fins is to calculate rpm and not meters.


Seriously?.. that is a math equation (one answerable via… Google or perhaps Google :wink: ), NOT a Blynk related question.

If the diameter of your wheel is, say, 1 meter, you can calculate the distance it will travel with 1 round. E.g. Pi * d. Easy enough. The rest I’ll leave up to you :slight_smile:

This is really basic math btw :wink: