Sparkfun Thing and Arduino IDE Issue


I’m falling at the first hurdle at the moment and can’t find anyone that has had the same problem…

I’ve uploaded ESP_Standalone to a Sparkfun Thing using the Aruidno IDE. I have added the auth code and network details to the sketch.

When I open the serial monitor to get confirmation all is working all I get are a couple of black diamonds with question marks in them. I’m thinking this is a problem with ASCII but I have followed the instructions and can’t figure it out.

The button I have added to the Blynk app is triggering the correct output on the Thing but it doesn’t work. I have tried it on more than one Thing and connections from the fdti seem to be ok. Any ideas…? Many thanks!

Weird characters is normally a baud rate mismatch. Do you have the IDE baud set to the same as the sketch?

Apologies, I meant to mention that the upload and serial monitor Baud rates are both set to 9600

Maybe you need to try setting lower sketch upload speed.
Please ensure that normal (non-blynk) sketches for Serial communications work for you…

Thanks vhymanskyy, all else is working so I’ll try different baud rates and report back.

There are 3 baud rates involved.

Upload to Sparkfun Thing normally VERY high. Many ESP’s can take upload speeds as high as 921600 but work down to 115200 if your ESP doesn’t accept the higher rates.

Then the 2 baud rates that MUST be the same are the speed you set in Serial Monitor and the speed you set in the sketch. You should start with these 2 speeds at 9600 and work up from this but they must be identical and are not related to the upload speed you flash the ESP at.

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Hi Costas,

Thanks for your help. I made sure that the Baud rates were the same and went up from 9600 and still have the same issue. Any further ideas?

Thanks again

@TransientJay please post your sketch and be sure to make it legible on the forum by highlighting the sketch and pressing the </> button.