Sparkfun esp32 thing


can somebody confirm, if blynk si compatible with sparkfun esp32 thing board?

i see that esp32 dev board is listed in the supported hardware page, but just want to make sure it is fully compatible with the sparkfun version.

also, it would be very nice, if someone could report the experience about the ble connectivity of this board, if it works reliably with the blynk app on android?

thank you!

Yes. Compatible and reliable.

thank you!

i’m completely new to esp 32, how should i start with this thing?
there is any esp32 ble example sketch for the arduino ide?

how about this:

thanks, i’m reading right now. but eventually i’ve learned, that ble is not yet supported with esp32 :disappointed:

Here is another link:

thanks. but for my current project i definitely have to use bluetooth 4.0 or 2.0, and that functionality is not yet supported with esp32. also, the article in this link is demonstrating an example with wifi. not suitable for me. probably i will try some older board with supported ble, like the redbear duo

anyway, thank you for the help!