SparkFun Botani Project not tweeting

Just getting started with Blynk here and working on the Botani Project from SparkFun. I’ve got everything setup in my project and the board communicating moisture from the sensor and posting values but the Twitter function is not working. I’ve confirmed that the OUATH is setup, I see that under Apps on my twitter account.
Is there a way I can troubleshoot the Twitter module to see why I’m not getting moisture values passed on properly?

Hello. Few things to check. Do you use Blynk Cloud? What is length of your twit message? Are you sure you are sending different messages (you cant’ send 2 tweets with same message, it’s Twitter policy)?

Hi, Appreciate you getting back to me. I don’t know what Blynk Cloud is but will look into it.
I am not sure what the length of the message would be, but from the documentation on spark fun project page, there’s an image / tweet that reads "Soil Reading, 802 [383343]. I believe, they state, the Twitter module dynamically inserts the random string after the text to satisfy the duplicate message issue. So the total data length is well within character limits it seems.

I’m having the same issue so you are not alone. Anything new since your last post?

See for more info

Also if you did a lot of tweets you may be blocked by twitter.


Did you ever get this to work??? I’ve tried this a number of times to no avail??? I’m also just getting started.