Sparkfun Blynk Board Wifi DOA? - Any Other Diagnostic I can Run?

Blynk newbie here. I’m guessing my new Blynk Board - ESP8266 is defective and needs to be returned? Board’s LED flashes the 4 color sequence just fine but provides no BlynkMe-CCCC Wifi network for the initial setup. Let me know if there’s another diagnostic step I can perform? Thx.

Update - Running a wifi scanner shows whenever the Blynk board is powered up there’s a network named ESP_092831 available. I’m thinking the board’s wifi transmitter is doing something but firmware wasn’t installed to provide connection functionality? Just a guess…

The Sparkfun Blynk Board isn’t really very popular amongst Blynk users. I guess this is due to its extremely high price (around $32 compared to around $4 for a NodeMCU), it’s non-standard layout and it’s somewhat quirky setup process.

I’ve never used one my self (for the reasons stated above) but there are quite a few topics about the board on the forum…


Peter - thx much for explaining. I’m new to all this so I didn’t really know there was much of distinction between Blynk and Sparkfun Blynk. Sparkfun does have their own community forum - I’ll try seeking out some advice there too.