Sparkfun Blynk Board is Offline

I can only create one project in the Blynk app that will actually communicate with the board. Any other project I create gives an error that says “Blynk Board is Offline” when I click the play arrow button. When I switch back to the original project it connects fine. I can’t figure out how to create multiple projects in the Blynk app and then switch between them.

Hi @jellenbogen,
One Token -> One project
If you want more space or improve your dashboard you should use tabs.

Can you give more explanation about the tokens? I don’t fully understand how they work. It appears that each time I create a new project in the iOS Blynk app, it creates a new token. Then what…?

Token is like a name-identifier of your hardware. So you can assign this name to one hardware and get control of it. You can also assign this name to many hardware and you’ll get control of many hardware from one project. However at the moment you can’t assign tokens to projects, so you can’t share same token among many projects. We did Tabs widget for that.

Thanks, Dmitriy. So I am still confused… Should I be able to create multiple projects in the iOS Blynk app and switch between them on my phone to control them on the same Sparkfun Blynk board? Let’s say I have one project where I am playing with the colored Zebra color switcher and another separate project where I want to monitor the temperature and humidity? I currently have to do all of that in one project. What if I want 2 separate projects?

Thanks for the help,

Please have a look at Tabs widget. It is look like what you need.

I have used the tabs widget. Is this the only way to have multiple “projects” on the same Blynk board? I am sensing that the purpose of new projects in the app is intended to be used with more than one ESP8266 board. Is that right? One project per board and therefore a unique token is created in each project for a specific board?

If that is that case, it needs to be clarified in the app documentation, because that is not obvious. It looks like a user should be able to create lots of projects and change between them on one piece of hardware.




Agree. We will update documentation. Thank you for pointing out.

@jellenbogen unless the Sparkfun Blynk Board is very different to all the other boards then you can have about 10 projects with it at any one time.

You simply create a new Project in the app dashboard and obtain a token. You put different tokens in different sketches and upload them to the board depending what you want to work on today.

You can create unlimited projects but the dashboard only holds around 10 so you need to ‘archive’ old projects.

@Dmitriy are you saying Sparkfun boards aren’t like normal boards?

We removed that limit in last update :wink:. No limits anymore.

Agree. You can do that also. Didn’t think about that option.

I’m not. Blynk Board is perfect :smiley:

@Dmitriy nice to know we can now have unlimited projects in the dashboard.

The way you were describing the Sparkfun board to @jellenbogen made it sound like it was permanently locked to a single token.

Ah… Got it. I just was thinking from point of view of wi-fi provisioning (when you open blynk, flush token to board and forget about it).