"Sorry, server can't talk now. Try Later"


Trying to log on to my new Blynk account, but I keep getting this error message. Anything anyone can do to help?


Is that ios? It could be just wrong password/username.

Hi Dmitriy,

Got issues all weekend too, still unable to logon to the public server (error message: Can’t connect to server).
Strage as it may seems, I received messages when my Arduino (Project) went Offline but I couldn’t logon. I’ve reset my password a few times (you’ll have to specify again which Roman characters can be used) and uninstalled and reinstalled the app but without success.


Yes, I’m using a Apple IOS phone.

@Lieven please provide me with your login name.

Hi, @Dmitriy I’ve found it! just made an other password reset, it seems you can use numbers in your password.