Sonoff T1-Like switch

Hi guys,
I’m trying to find a WiFi wall switch like the sonoff T1 which is blynk friendly and noob friendly. I would like to avoid custom solutions.

You wont find one.
To work with Blynk, your light switch needs to be flashed with custom firmware.

There are people who sell some of the Sonoff devices that have already been flashed with firmware like Tasmota, which makes it easier to configure them to work with Blynk, but to be honest it’s not that difficult to do yourself.

Don’t forget that for the T1 to work, it needs a neutral wire to be avail;able in the light switch housing. Here in the UK, most light switches only have the Line wire available.


I read your post here SonOff T1 Uk Relais switch but was wandering if there was another one which is more flash friendly.

The problem with Tasmota, for what I’ve been reading, it’s not the dificulty to flash but the dificulty to make a bridge for it to work with blynk.

I don’t even bother with the Tasmota firmware… i just flashed my Sonoff Basics directly as generic ESP (read the comments to get the settings)

Hey Gunner,

I’m talking about the T1, for the sonoff basic I already saw your code (and am waiting for one to arrive to use it!).

Opps, sorry missed the significance of the T1 reference.

I have only the two Basics, so no other experience. But at a guess, if they are still ESP8266 based, then same direct flash principle should work :thinking:

I will give it a try using the tasmota tutorial.