Sonoff Mini ESP8285

Hey! I’m back, its been a long time. Got some sonoff Mini’s and I’m trying them with Blynk2. Any one out there done it consistently? I know @PeteKnight I should just be MQTTing with them but I don’t have a computer always on my home network. Anyway, I have got it to connect sometimes but now I can’t find that sketch that worked, I’m not sure if it is the sketch or the ESP8285 that is causing issues. Does anyone have the Blynk2 Edgent sketches running on ESP8285 ?

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Hmmm! For anyone else having these problems. Try unplugging the TX and RX and then rebooting…

Also a quirk I found was that the sonoff “flasher” didn’t like my blynk2 bin file. If I uploaded another OTA bin file I could then upload the blynk2 sketch via regular OTA.


hi Daveblynk, i have a sketch of blynk edgent working on sonoff mini, follow the link hope this helps.