"SONOFF Clone" - Mini-ESP8266 Power AC Relay Controller

Awesome, lots of great ideas and tips here, thnx!

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thx for sharing, alot of good stuff in your project.

for now I learned how simple it is to monitor the wifi signal, wil be comming back to grab some more learning :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jamin I got some MAX471 and now I am having difficulties to (analog)read to trigger relay, tried dozens of example but end up with nothing. Can you help me with that if its possible ?

My advice is buy an INA219 and ditch analog input.

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So it will be easy to use INA219 than MAX471 ?
meanwhile I am ditching little push up will be great

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Yup its digital I2C connection instead of an analog voltage signal.

Check out my Power Monitor project using the INA219 and Blynk.

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Definitely I will check, thanks :smiley:

Wow Very Nice Project … I Will Make This One BTW

What is IP
This Is Device Static IP Or Router Ip
Please Help Me

It’s the server ip.

Get the latest code from my GitHub

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@Jamin what kind of link is that?

Not sure but I’m half asleep in bed so def user error :blush:


All Is Ok i Uploaded Code in My NodeMCU …With Auth Code And My Router Wifi SSID And Password
Its Show In Router Statistic IP With Hostname " ESP_0078B0" Router Admin Page IP ""

But Its Show Device Offline And Wasn’t Online Yet

What Is For Setting.h

define SERVER IPAddress(192, 168, 1, 2) This Is Router Gateway , My Router IP Is

Please Help Me I’m New Please I Hope U Understand My Problem And Not Angry :frowning:

Waiting For Great Info And Solution

Are you running a local server?

if not, go to settings.h and comment out the line


like so


Settings.h is where ALL settings are located… you will see the settings.h tab in your IDE.

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No Master Not Running A Local Server How To Setup It And I Must Need It ? Please Help Me Details Step By Step Info What I Need To Do First . I Hope U Little Free Time For Me

Nah just use the Cloud Server provided by Blynk. Local server is only for more advanced users. You can try it one day im sure :slight_smile:

Just comment out that line i mentioned in my post above, then compile and it will use cloud server instead and just ignore the ipaddress in settings.h

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Ok Master …

Go to github and download the latest code. I just updated it now to make it easier.

You should not have to change anything. It will connect to Blynk’s Cloud Server by default :slight_smile:

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Many Thanks Master

Its Show Error While Compile :

C:\Users\MANORANJAN\Desktop\ESP8266-Remote-Blynk-Switch\ESP8266-Remote-Blynk-Switch.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:

ESP8266-Remote-Blynk-Switch:63: error: expected primary-expression before ‘)’ token

Blynk.begin(AUTH, WIFI_SSID, WIFI_PASS, );


exit status 1
expected primary-expression before ‘)’ token

Whoops, error.

replace that line with this one:


Github repo updated.

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Many Thanks Master
Now Working Fine
I Will Wiring 2moro And Update In This post …

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