Sometimes my provisioning doesn't "stick" or is not saved

Has anybody else encountered this? I go through the dynamic provisioning process, get my device online, but after it is powered off and back on again it is back in MODE_WAIT_CONFIG and broadcasting its WIFI signal. This doesn’t happen very often, and when it does I can go through the provisioning process again and it usually works the second time but sometimes it takes 3 times. I am using Blynk Edgent on an esp32 based board. I have several different templates and firmware versions that this randomly happens on so I don’t think it has anything to do with my firmware.

Is this a dev board ?
Is the config button set as input pullup?

Check your settings.h header file and check if your have accidentally used the same pin on your code.

Upload a bare minimum sketch of the edgent and see if the problem remains.

And during the reboot if there is no wifi connection available for it to connect, then it goes into AP mode for reconfig.

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It is a custom board I developed. I have my reset button on GPIO 0, and Blynk has that setup as an INPUT_PULLUP in ResetButton.h. I have never noticed the indicator LED oscillating quickly like it does when I hold down the reset button when this issue happens. Also, If there is no wifi when the device is powered on I don’t believe it goes into AP mode if it is already provisioned. Thank you for your suggestions though! Just wanting to see if anyone else has encountered this. It’s hard to troubleshoot because it happens so infrequently!

What firmware version do you have?


Is this the latest version? I get confused about the firmware version sometimes because in other places I see “blynk version 1.0.1.” So if I go to and then open the edgent esp32 example it says 0.1.0.

@vshymanskyy please take a look.

The purpose of this line of code is to allow you to apply a version control system to your code changes.
When you upload code via Blynk.Air the current firmware version is read from the hardware and if the new firmware version isn’t higher than the current version the upload will be rejected.


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The 1.0.1 is the blynk library version, and the 0.1.0 is the firmware version which you can change as you wish, they’re not the same.

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Thanks, that makes sense now. I was always wondering about that :slight_smile:

So when I do a OTA update and select “APPLY UDDATE IF THIS DEVICE HAS” lower firmware version, is this the line of code that Blynk is looking at?

When you update the firmware and choosing " apply if device has lower firmware " you have to change the firmware version, for example 0.1.0 to 0.1.1 etc…

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Btw do you have your own firmware?

As this is a custom developed unit, there may be problems in the board itself. Upload the same sketch to a ESP32 DEV board and observe the behaviour. If it behaves the same, then you have a problem in the code. If everything goes well then sure its a problem with the hardware.

This is to troubleshoot the problem.

The firmware version is not what is causing the problem or resets. As @PeteKnight @John93 said, its just a check before updating the firmware on OTA .
Check if you have any components connected to GPIO0 like a resistor that’s connected to GND(or any relay externally. Check the push button if its faulty, it may engage accidentally.

Also check the power supply is good enough to power up your board.