Sometimes blynk is very slow

I have observed that blynk sometimes is very slow. Just last night, I couldn’t even access this area to post this message. This apply to projects controlled by the iPhone iOS 12.1 as well. I am using a couple Particle Photons. Just now everything seems to be fine. Any idea what is going with blynk?

Hello. Well, communty is one thing, blynk cloud is totally different thing. Where are you geographically? And what exactly “This apply to projects controlled by the iPhone iOS 12.1 as well” means?


I am located in North America, and when I say that blynk is very slow, I mean through the internet and using any browser, I say any browser because I tried tree different browsers, all were very slow.

Projects controlled by the iPhone, I mean using the blynk app and controlling, let’s say, a relay. Like I said before, I notice that when the Internet is slow, everything is slow.

khm… did you read what you wrote?
Try installing Blynk server at home, that way, you’ll reduce the delay and it won’t mater what your internet speed is (well, that’s only true when you’re inside your LAN)…

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Well, in last month our host provider had few issues within datacenter of NY with networking, so this could be a reason. This is not common situation and we can’t do much here.

You just gave me an idea, I have a couple Raspberry Pi 3+ here, I will try to install my own Blynk server.

The Blynk server is up and running on a Raspberry Pi 3+ , very easy to install.
I followed these steps found here:

Quick local server setup on Raspberry PI

  • Login to Raspberry Pi via ssh;
  • Install java 8:
  sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk
  • Make sure you are using Java 8
  java -version
  Output: java version "1.8"
  • Download Blynk server jar file (or manually copy it to Raspberry Pi via ssh and scp command):
  wget ""
  • Run the server on default ‘hardware port 8080’ and default ‘application port 9443’ (SSL port)
  java -jar server-0.41.0-java8.jar -dataFolder /home/pi/Blynk

That’s it!

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