Sometime ESP8266 is reboot


Sometime, when I use Blynk my ESP8266 is reboot. The reboot period is very different, from a few minutes to several hours. There are no reboots without use Blynk library!

It is important to understand whether there are conditions in the Blynk library code which the ESP is starting reboot? For example, I found the BlynkReset () function that do it.

Next, I don’t understand: can a websocket cause a reboot of the ESP? It’s about software action, not hardware failure from weak ESP and many data.

Reboots are usually caused by WiFi issues or bad coding.


What you mean about “WiFi issues”? Who will decide to reboot ESP in this case? Too much virtualWrite() or failure of socket connection protocol cannot to make reboot?

P.S. I’ve stable webserver on the ESP, which work without reboot a few years, before I try to use Blynk library.

If the WiFi is unreachable for the timeout period specified in the Edgent sketch then the device will be rebooted.

It’s part of the logic of the Edgent sketch, unless you change it.

That falls under the “bad coding” heading.

But is your webserver code compatible within the Blynk code you are using?


Ok, Edgent will start when I use Blynk anytime? I just add to code:
It’s activate the Edgent???

The “Too much virtualWrite()” or “failure of socket connection protocol” is the “bad coding”?
I just report about 10-15 values with the virtualWrite() command at once per 5 second.
How will be look “good coding”?

It’s you tell me, please, the Blynk is compatible with classic ESP8266WebServer.h ?
As I can see, you used this lib yet.

I think, best right direction of our discussion must be near: the failure of socket connection protocol can make reboot or no? And how to use “good coding” for saving the socket connection?

I don’t understand the question.

It all depends how you do this.

That’s extremely difficult, as you haven’t shared your code!

Once again, I don’t understand the question.


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