Someone told me to ask in this forum

I would beg for help. I use two timers, the first time the voter is the start time, the second time the voter is the end time. For example, I want the relay to turn on at 10:00 and turn off at 10:30. I don’t know where the mistake is


I have this from a program related to relay control. As I said before I would like to make an application to control the switching on of the relay / lighting so that I can set the relay to turn ON at 22:00 and turn OFF at 22:30. I was looking for such a solution or something similar but I couldn’t find it.

Can you post your code? Images doesn’t do it for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

But basically, you need a scheduler?

Im using MitAppInventor, what code are you looking for?? I have code un Arduino ide which I uploaded to the esp32.

May I ask you why are you using app inventor instead of blynk ?

Because someone told me it is easy to use.

not always, in your case it’s much easier to use blynk instead of using app inventor and api.

theres no way I can do it in appinventor??

You may find that some forum users have used appinventor, and it can be useful for people who work better with visual tools rather than text based programming.

The problem is that tools like this will always have limited functionality, and there will be a very small group of users who are able to help you.

The answer is that we don’t know - we don’t program in this way.

If you’re serious about getting into coding, or using apps like Blynk for serious applications rather than academic projects, then learning some simple coding in C++ is a much better approach. The Sketch Builder link at the top of this page has lots of sketches for various types of hardware, and these can be used as a starting point to get going.

Also, you’re using Blynk Legacy, which is the old version of Blynk which will be de-commissioned at some point in future. If you want to create a serious project then you should start using C++ with the new Blynk IoT system.


You can, but using blynk is more recommended.
If you would like to use blynk you can start a new " need help with my project " topic, and provide as much details as possible and we will help you.