Some ideas about blynk

Hey, guys!
I’m very impressed with your work and already use it for my small smarthouse project. You’re doing an amazing thing!
I have some ideas for you, maybe some of them will be useful:

  • It will be nice to have an ability to watch all data which was sent to a particular chart.
  • Connect some storage for data (eg. dropbox) if you want to have long logs
  • Group-widger with ability to hide and open subdashboards (something like popups)
  • More than one source for charts
  • Some standard optional vector icons for buttons (I guess I saw it on some screenshot)
  • Logs about connection — to understand when you board was off
  • Yea, timer, calendar and scheduler widget, maybe even more than one for different purposes
  • Slider with ability to move by time (again, kind of timer)
  • Color coding for “displays” — for example, after display reached some value color will turn to red

Best regards, Artem


Wow! Thank you for so many ideas!