Some error msg?

An almost finished project stopped working.
It seems than no mater what I do I get this: VMDPE_2|0000000 on the monitor widow.
What does it mean?

What hardware do you use?

Arduino Due.
I found which line created this,and solved my problem. Whoever, what does it mean?
About saving data in the server lto simulate EEPROM, can you give a working example for saving and restoring 3 values ?

Well, the truth is that I tried that, and didn’t work so well.
I’ll try again and see if I can debug it.
for example, if I use V0 only as data storage, do I need any widget on my project that is bind to a virtual pin? ( I assume not, what does the server care if I have V0 on my app?)

No. You don’t need widget