Some delay on send 2 commands at time in Library 5.0

in new released library when i send 2 commands together second command have around 1000 milisecond delay so this is not good for me. what can i do this in new library?

in previous version that was better.

What is your hardware, minimal sketch to reproduce, etc?
How can one help with the limited info you provided?

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@vshymanskyy I used Blynk version 4.8 before. without a high time delay on commands.
After upgrading to the latest version, orders sent to the hardware are delayed.
It means that the first command is promptly sent in group commands, but the next commands are accompanied by delay in execution, and all commands are not executed in less than one second.
so now i downgraded to version 4.8 and it’s work better.

sometimes my hardware goes offline and then recoonnect again to the server. many time(This happens when I do not do any command.(

probably your issue is related to the newly introduced “no flood” feature of the new lib. but if you do not provide any code to reproduce, you really doesn’t make the devs life easier…

Are you using an Amstrad or a Spectrum?


i use mobile and can’t post a code but my code is a 2 physical button state same as The Blynk example so when i push Both of buttons on of them got some delays.

what is that?

You were asked to provide details of your hardware.
How do you expect anyone to help if we don’t know what you are using?

maybe you right but i want to know in new library version what is the best structure to write a code? or what different with old library version? or i’m so confused in new library because in old version(4.8) i doesn’t have these issues.

uh! ESP8266 and Nodemcu.

You don’t have access to a computer?


void Conn() {

void Switches() { 
////////////////////////////////////// ONE
         if(A1 == 1) {
           s1 = digitalRead(a1);
           if(s1 == d1) {
            else {
              s1 = digitalRead(a1);
              if(s1 != d1) {
                if(s1==1) {
                  SState1 = "OPENED";
                  SState1 = "CLOSED";
              Blynk.notify(myyName + " Door Alarm " + SState1);
              LEDn = 1;
            else {
////////////////////////////////////// TWO
           d2 = s2;
           s2 = digitalRead(a2);
           if(s2 == d2){
              s2 = digitalRead(a2);
            if(s2 != d2 && d2<2) {
            State2 = !State2;
            digitalWrite(L2, State2);
            Blynk.virtualWrite(V2, State2);
              if (nA2 != 0) {
                if(State2 == HIGH) {
                  SState2 = "OFF";
                }else if(State2 == LOW){
                  SState2 = "ON";
              Blynk.notify(myyName + ". Manual 2 is" + SState2);
              //LEDn = 1;
            else {
void loop() {

What is a1 and a2?

You mention going offline and that is to be expected if you run the switch code for one and two as it’s shown in your code extract i.e. you can’t have two Blynk.notify() calls without a 15s gap.

Hard to really tell unless you provide a full, minimal sketch, that shows your problem.

i set it on local server to 1 Sec.(

the physical pin of ESP8266 (“a1 = 16” and “a2 = 5”)

Your code doesn’t look anything like any Blynk examples I have ever seen.

That is why Blynkers are asked to provide full details of the systems they are using.

If you don’t bother to provide details then it will be assumed you are using the cloud server with a regular version of Android i.e. not a very old or a very new version.


Because that is what most people are using.

Blynk use simulators to check their code and if you provide the required information then they, or other Blynkers with the same hardware, can see if there is a bug or if it’s just your bad code. Normally it will be the latter.

Full details required including version numbers for everything and a basic sketch that fails.

Don’t know why you dropped down from 5.0 to 4.8 when there is a 4.10.


you right but what about delays for using Tags??? Tags work with about 1.5 Secs between devices commands.

@vshymanskyy please take a look

My notification gap is setted on 1sec but some notification doesn’t push in new library v5.0(v4.8 worked good)

I’m not going to take a look as you keep ignoring our request to provide a minimal sketch (that represents your problem, and I can check on my side), etc. :wink:

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