[SOLVED] "Your app is outdated, please update" error in Blynk app


what does it mean when I receive this error “Your app is outdated, please update”?
I’m cloning a project I have => then import this by tapping on the link generated => then the project opens in blynk and the error is displayed.

I have updated the Blynk app to the latest, and then my blynk particle library to 0.3.7 (it was at 0.3.5) but I’m still suffering this issue.

how can I fix it?
thank you

I think I got it, I added some ENERGY and then the app loaded fine and did not show me the error.

Is this maybe a confusing error to show to the user?

So… what exactly does an app called “nybagels” do?:grinning:

Yes, this is a bug and confusing message. We fixed it already. Will be released in next update. Sorry for inconveniences.

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hehehe, I’ll make sure I carefully craft the names of my projects when I post screenshots.
This project helps monitor the temperature of a fridge that keeps bagels’ dough cold and ready to be cooked :slight_smile:


I see this error when I cloned project by QR code and don’t press RUN.
Firstly, I see another problem: I press Copy all (auth tokens) and got ‘null’ in clipboard.

The problems resolved after press Run and Stop. Go to Devices and see that Token is present. Now It can be copied to clipboard.

@dontsov App version? Server version?

My friends phone: Samsung with Android
Application version: current, downloaded today
Server: blynk-cloud.com
Project QR code

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