[Solved] Widgets lost (including energy)

I am using the android version 2.12.5 app for all this work.

I created a new project, for a Raspberry Pi 3. I added a button widget, and noticed that I couldn’t select the button to modify the settings for that button. I added a zeRGBa widget and had the same problem. I then connected by Raspberry Pi 3 and hit the “play” button in the top right to see if the buttons would work. Nothing happened (I don’t know if it was supposed to display any status with the demo app). When I went back to the editing screen my widgets had disappeared. Looking at my energy total, it now says that I have 1400 available. The 600 used towards the button and zeRGBa widget seems to have disappeared along with the widgets themselves.

I also tried deleting the project itself to see if the energy would come back and it has not.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

Seems like a bug some where

All your project data is stored on the Blynk Server (linked to your email), not the app, so try completely uninstalling the app and reinstall. Then log in with same account info and see if it is there.

BTW, did you install and setup the Blynk Client on the RPi3… if so, did you use NodeJS or WiringPi?

Look like you just didn’t have internet connection. Please try to logout and login back. Should help.

I’ve tried logging in and out without success. I’ll try uninstalling / reinstalling later and see how that goes. Thanks for the replies.

I used WiringPi on my RPi3. I don’t know if the demo / example client is supposed to display anything, I couldn’t get any response from the button in the failed project, nor a new one I tested out later. The android app did say that my device was connected, and the RPi said it was also connected.

Depending on if you just installed WiringPi (and had not written any additional sketch), if so then you only have direct control of pins, via the app, and no data going to the app yet. Thus you need to hook up an LED or something and “trigger” it from a button widget, etc, set to the correct GPIO. Also, I seem to remember that WiringPi uses a different pin numbering layout than the normal RPi GPIO.

No luck removing and reinstalling the app either. I’m still down to 1400 energy with blank projects. :frowning:

Dont worry too much, the devs sort these issues out for ya without parting way with more money :slight_smile:

Ok. Please send ,me your email via private message or to dmitriy@blynk.cc

Yeah, and I haven’t spent anything yet, so I really won’t be out anything. I just really like what the developers have done, and want to support them. Making a customizable GUI that can interact with my cheap-as-dirt ESP8266 seems like a great idea. I’m very impressed with all the things that folks have done, I just hope (and expect) that if I send some money their way that it won’t disappear. I wish I could reproduce this error to help with troubleshooting, but I can’t seem to get it to happen again.