[SOLVED] What is this ? "#include <BlynkWrongInclude.h>"

Okay, right off, I know I’m going to get “Cussed” out for this question.

I’ve been using Blynk for about 1.5yrs. I’m not a savant programmer like most of you but I like it.
Recently I’ve had this strange problem pop up. I try to add a (any) Blynk Library (BlynkSimpleEsp8266.h) and I get “BlynkWrongInclude.h” instead.

So the first thing that comes to mind is, it’s the wrong include (duhhhu) so I deleted all my Blynk libraries out of my directory. Restarted IDE which informed me I needed to add the latest Blynk Library 0.3.10, so I installed it.

Why and How, am I still getting no options or pop-out menus for the needed Libraries but just a single listing for “Blynk” that gives me the BlynkWrongInclude.h ???

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I did read and follow the Arduino Install Libraries guide.


Also, I’m using Arduino 1.6.12


Latest one is 0.4.0. Where you get 0.3.10 from?

Did you select correct board in Arduino IDE? Does selected board correspond to includes?


Ya, I’d say so. In this case I’m using a Wemo D1 Mini (i use them all the time, no problem).

I’ll be using OTA so the Baud rate is immaterial in this case.

As for the version, i’m using the latest one the IDE offers me. I just hit the Update button. Is it harder than that?


Probably you have to manually install blynk library.

Where this sketch comes from? I think this you need to start from this sketch.

Okay, I’ll try to install it manually.

That is the default sketch that pops up when you hit File>New .

I just try to install the #include as a quick sample to see if it works. Then I’ll put in all the Blynk connect stuff.

Thanks I’ll try the manual install tonight. Do you have a link to the manual install instruction or just follow the set on Arduino?


This is exactly to indicate you, that you’re using the library in a wrong way.
Just install it manually, and then open provided examples.