[Solved: waiting update] Notify does not work on a local server

Successfully built a local server, everything works fine but Blynk.notify does not.
The project works fine when connected to the blynk cloud! tested with 5 mobiles with 5 different accounts and 2 local servers.
Log file says: Error sending push. Reason MismatchSenderId
Board: Arduino Yun
Server version: server-0.28.6
OS: Android, IOS
Using Arduino C language.
Any ideas?

Any information?

i test working for iOS and android notify do not work.
Using local v0.28.6

What server version do you use?


Added some info

That’s correct in that case. This server version requires update for app side. Please wait for new Android release.

Alright, Thank you and much appreciated.

Is this problem resolved?
Because I seem to have to same problem with my project.

Everything works fine when I use the Blynk cloud.
But when I use my local server Blynk.notify doesn’t work.

The log file says: “ERROR- Error sending push. Reason fcm.googleapis.com: Temporary failure in name resolution”

I use a Raspberry pi to run my local server (v0.41.13) and an android phone for the app.

Can your local server connect to the internet?
Are you able to successfully ping external website URLs from your server?