[Solved] Virtual pins stopped working

hello guys!!!you doing perfect job thanks for all,and please don’t stop what you doing!!!
on my last project yesterday i was used all 32 virtual pins…after 3 hours Vpins 18, 19, 20 stop give me any value.

@Spyrosgreece the most likely reason for your problem is bugs in your code.

So the fix is to debug the code.

Thanks costas you were right!!!I was working all night and i was not able to see the bug…

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In that case, either get someone to look at your code or just leave it a couple days. It’s always good to start fresh. You don’t wanna know how much projects I threw away and started from scratch, LOL.

@Lichtsignaal I do not have anyone that knows about electronics and codes…but you’re right…I had spend many times about 8,9 even 10 hours to find a solution or to make a code works right without any progress…and after two or three days when open my sketch the solution appears in front of me!!!