[Solved] Use the rpi where the server is on as a client connected to himself

As I am lost in my way of understanding that… I need your help.

So I have a raspberry pi with installed the Blynk server, this part works flawlessly !
But, here’s the thing : My raspberry is in access point mode so I don’t need a router in between.
And I have for example here, connected a LED to the same raspberry (I want to work with !)
I connected my android smartphone to the access point, put the access point IP of the raspberry which worked.
I created a simple on/off LED sketch to try out but blocked at the part where I had to choose the connectivity of the raspberry in the sketch (refer to here https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-server#app-and-sketch-changes)
There I have no idea how to connect my smartphone app button and the raspberry server/sketch.
If you need more information, just tell me which one and I’ll try to get it.

Thanks !

Edit: here’s a little picture (I know I don’t know how to draw :D)

Okay !
I got it working finally !
I had one version of node already installed. I just reinstalled it and worked !
Edit 2: I forgot to mention I used this code https://github.com/vshymanskyy/blynk-library-js/blob/master/examples/nodejs/client-tcp-local.js found on js library github and it worked :slight_smile:
Edit: How can I mark this as solved ?

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