[SOLVED] (Unable to get App widget to show/control any action on) Raspberry pi zero

Hello everyone thats in advance for any help you can give me. I have blynk set up on my raspberry pi zero. it works and runs my android phone recognizes that we are online and connected. trouble is I can’t control my relay board. just trying to operate one relay on a 8 relay board using gpio 4. I can’t operate it using the wiringpi commands from the command line (gpio write 4 (1 and 0) and it works and the relay operates properly. but when I use the button on the app nothing happens.

the button options are [output gp4 0 and 1] im prbably missing somwthing simple but cant figure it out for the life of me I have been watching other people do it on youtube but can’t figure out what im missing.

any help would be appreciated


Confirm how you setup the RPi… did you use the C++ library for sure, or perhaps the Node.js one?


What is the CLI command you type to start the Blynk Client?

Did you get any error messages when starting it?

After starting the client, does it show that ONOFF is running, and does it display anything on the CLI when you press any Widget Buttons (assuming direct GPIO pin assignment in the widget).

thank you but i figured it out. decided to try all the gpio numbers and figured out it uses 23 (even though the wiringpi calls the pin gpio4)

now if the home screen wiget would allow me to press it without selecting it to move

Yes, WiringPi uses its own pin designation…

Try this pinout guide. Hover your cursor over the pin to get WiringPi designation

It is meant for a quick touch, not long press… if you want it to stay “on” then prior to setting up the home screen button, set the target button to switch mode.

thats that pinout looks different than the one i have that would have saved me a lot of time. works great now thanks again

anyway to get the state of the pin to start at 1 instead of zero when the app starts (or pi reboots and starts the script) it starts with the pin at 0 which is on and opens my garage door

That will require some code to set the pin high at script run.

digitalWrite (23, HIGH) ;

And possibly switching to virtual pins in the App, depending on the complexity of your desired garage door opener project.