[Solved] Timer widget needs APP to be connected to work?


Relatively new Blynk user. I have just created a project to control 2 relays via 2 button switches. These work as expected via the Blynk APP. To enhance flexibility, I tried the Timer widget, but found the APP needs to be connected / running (activated via the triangle play button) for the start and stop times to trigger. Documentation says this will work even when the Smartphone is offline and execution of the event is done from the server side. From my tests, this does not seem to be the case. If the APP is not connected, nothing gets triggered.

Blynk app is latest version from the playstore and Blynk library version is 0.4.8. I am using Samsung Note 5 on Android 7.0. Am I the only one experiencing or is it a bug?

App has no need to be connected, but, of course, project should be in the running/active state for the Timer to be working.

@alantch occasionally Blynkers find the Timer fails because they don’t realise their phone has the wrong time by a minute or two. The trigger times are effectively the atomic clock time + / - some GMT adjustment and don’t relate to the actual time on your phone.

Most phones are actually set to use this same atomic clock and GMT adjustment via automatic internet updates but some Blynkers have the feature turned off or have older phones that didn’t have the option.

The sketch is running in the NodeMCU when the tests are done, if that is what you mean by “project should be in the running/active state for the Timer to be working”. Only the state of the APP was changed.

With the APP running, the trigger (APP running) was always within a few seconds of my GPS timed clocks. I even waited for several minutes after the set time for the trigger to happen but that never happened with the APP off.

As long as you have pressed the play button you can turn your phone off because the server handles the trigger not your phone / app.

So it’s working perfectly.

what you mean by “project should be in the running/active state for the Timer to be working”

I mean that project on your phone, not the sketch, should be in active state (the state after pressing triangle button, which will change to stop button).