[SOLVED] Timer does not work with ESP8266 stand alone

I am very new at this but very interested . Hardware is usual no problem but writing the software is new for me .
I am experimenting with a ESP8266(dev board) stand alone and I am able to create buttons on the Blynk app . they work like they should but now I am trying to create a timer but when I test this it wont work . I tried several digital pins but nothing happens on the esp ( the buttons always kep working) . I am sure the app is in play mode and not in edit mode .Any ideas ?

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Not sure the problem is isolated to ESP8266 standalone. Noticed odd timer behaviour in the last 24 hours on different systems. Sometimes when I change the time on the timer it tries to connect to the server and then reverts back to a previous timer setting. After several attempts the time can normally be changed but previously it changed 100% of the time. On an Uno with ESP8266 I noticed yesterday the timer wasn’t activating, thought it might be a problem with my code.
Reverted to an Uno with USB that was working fine last week and the timer is now being ignored.

Maybe the developers have changed something?

@jes2983 hello. Do you mean Timer Widget?

@Costas I fixed a bug in timer. Bug was on server side. Timer scheduler was ignoring hardware token so was sending notif to all hardware of user. Now it is fixed. And only hardware with token connected to specific project with timer will be triggered. Could it be your case?

@Dmitriy not quite sure I follow your comment but in the last 30 minutes the ability to change the time in the widget seems to be back to working ok. Will check if the timer actually fires and let you know in a minute or two.

@Dmitriy Timer still not activating at requested time and the Arduino has the correct (internet) time.

Are you sure your hardware has token of project with timer? iOS, Android?

Android system. I have 4 or 5 tokens across several systems. Maybe I am confusing your servers. I will try one a system with a unique token and report back now you have fixed the token bug and report back.

Ok. I’ll also check on my side.

Uno with ESP8266 and unique system with token totally fails. Will not accept change of time.

The Uno with ESP8266 system is the one with the problematic LCD. With the LCD receiving temperature updates if I stop the dashboard to change the time on the timer widget it tries to reconnect to the server and fails. Ergo I am unable to change the time to see if it now activates at the correct time. Do you think the LCD problem might be affecting my use of the timer widget?

I guess I could remove the LCD and then test the timer widget.

yes I mean the timer widget .
The token is OK I think because the buutons on the same project are working fine .
I deleted the timer and created a new one but still it doen not react .
Other things in the same project work fine .
Strange … I can not figure this out .


I also would think that as soon I activate the timer the LED on my ESP would come up .
This does not happen . Normally when it is going from low to high the LED goes off , so it should be on when LOW .


@jes2983 one thing to check is the time on your Android or iPhone. If the time is out by a couple of minutes based on real time the widget will not respond as you expect it to. When testing a minute or two from ‘now’ the real time on Blynk servers might have already passed or be further in the future than you think.

I consider it to be a bug but Blynk are happy with the design of the widget.

I tried to set it a 5 minutes from the present time but nothing happens .

Are you using internet time on your Android / Iphone or have you manually set the time?

One of my Android devices was out by 5 minutes and doesn’t have the facility to use internet time.
Until I worked out how Blynk handle time it didn’t appear to work at all. Blynk activate the timer based on internet time rather than the time on your phone.

Check what time it is on the internet and then set your phone accordingly. Then 2 or 3 minutes in advance for the widget should be fine.

That said, I think the widget might be broken at present.

Android phone was on manual time,
I changed it to time given by providor a tested again but still not OK :worried:

@Dmitriy I have removed LCD from app and sketch, disconnects seem to have stopped. So a problem with LCD somewhere.
Timer Widget does not work though. I can now change the time but no action at start time.
Maybe your servers have lost internet time?
Just as a reminder this is Uno with ESP8266 rather than @jes2983 with ESP8266 standalone.

@Dmitriy timer widget is a bug at your end. I have a system with an AM and a PM timer that has been running for a few weeks. Times are normally 8 am to 8 am and 23:56 to 23.57.
The AM timer is set not to run but the evening timer runs for 1 minute. The evening timer ran for the regular minute today but no amount of changing the AM timer will set it running. The new timers are not being handled correctly by your servers.

Please show your sketch with LCD.