[SOLVED] Timer and Local pi server

Will the timer control work when used with a local server on a pi? It does have internet connection, but it does not appear to work for me?


It is not needed if your hardware is within local network.

Please open file worker.log and try to find line “Timer finished. Processed …”. Let me know if it present.

Thanks Dmitriy … I have found the issue… all down to me trying to call a BLYNK_WRITE(Vxx) routine. It’s working fine now.
Just knowing that the Timer should work on a Local server was good.

As for my log files … since I have upgraded the server several times, the log dir appears in a couple of places, root & home, neither of which are current and I have a load of csv files in home/pi/Blynk/data/user. Maybe I should clean out and start again?

Thanks again

up to you. I recommend to remove old logs.