[SOLVED] Terminal widget does not work reliably on Photon?

Do we know if the terminal widget should work reliably on the photon? I can get the lcd widget to work well but the terminal appears to either not show anything at all or all of sudden will get a clump of updates and then the photon goes into an error condition by blinking green.

Hello. Please post your code.

#include "blynk/blynk.h"
char auth[] = "dkaskljfslkfjsafj";
WidgetTerminal terminal(V4);
void setup() {

    terminal.println("it workd!");
void loop() {

tapping the V2 button on the iPhone causes the led on 7 to turn on and off reliably, however every third time I get several messages of “got it”, and sometimes they are cut off.

You need to call terminal.flush() when you want to send data to app.

ah, sorry, totally missed that. Thanks so much!