[SOLVED] Terminal data to email

hey blynk guys,is it possible or is there a way to put the contents from the terminal widget to an email ?

Yes with String.

Why not… but probably limited to short emails. Capture terminal input into a string, then have a button press send the string in an email (remember the email restrictions).

Try it and let us know how it works.





hi costas, not a very accomplished C programer, but string the contents to a single email ? are there any examples of this ? i dont really think the marco polo string is what im lookin for. maybe i should break this down, i have 4 dif. temps and want to send all four results to one email. maybe skip the terminal all together

String MyEmailString = String(Sensor1) + " " + String(Sensor2) + " " + String(Sensor3) + " " + String(Sensor4);

Blynk.emai("My sensors data", MyEmailString);
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costas you da man ! thank you and gunner for being such great participants in this blynk forum…