[SOLVED] Tag widget - Blynk.virtualWrite doesn't work

Hello, I am using steppers in my project. In the code I am using the Blynk.virtualWrite to write a value (middle position) also I am using the Blynk.setProperty function to set the color. It works fine for a single widget. When I am trying to use it for a tag widget it doesn’t work. Is there any solution for this? Or it’s not supported?

Hello. It is not supported.

OK. Thanks anyway. I also tried to do it in different way. I set one of my deviced as “master” and tried to send the command to other (4x) devices via bridge. It worked fine again. But when I added more then 3 bridges (devices) in to the code, my master device started to resetting. I am using the Wemos D1 mini v.2
Is there any limitation for this?

I suspect limits will be based more on the amount of data you send at a given time, and the devices memory/processing power.

Break up your bridge commands with timers so not all sending one after another so quickly.

I didn’t have there any active bridge commands (commented them during code debuging). I only set the devices in the code (WidgetBridge and bridge.setAuthToken). After I did this for the 3rd device, the problems started. Anyway. I wanted to post here the problematic code but I didn’t find it in my sketches :rolling_eyes:. So I started to create the code again from the beginning and… the problem with resetting is not here anymore! Probably I had there something wrong before.
Now everything seems to work fine.

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Hi Dmitriy,
today I made the update of my local server to v0.25.0 and it seems it is working! Now my stepper widget for tag target reacts to Blynk.virtualWrite command.
Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Hi. Yeap. I did fix for device selector and it should affect tags too. Thanks for reporting back!