(SOLVED) Slider don't cause BLINK_WRITE when value is 0

When i play with slider, BLINK_WRITE get started every time,
besides value is 0. Slider connected with Virtual PIN, and when value is 0
nothing happens… Bug or future ?

Hello. Android/iOS. What version? Seem like a bug.

Blynk 0.4.4
Andorid 5.1

What about Blynk app version?


@dmnovikov do you mean that when you first start the app and sketch, that there is no value assigned to the virtual pin? If so, that is normal… you must first move the slider to start the process, then when you move back to 0 the correct value will be shown.

BLYNK_WRITE(V3) // Slider Widget set to V3
int SlideState = param.asInt();
Blynk.virtualWrite(V4, SlideState); // Display Widget set to V4

OMG, Sorry a lot !

I copied my code from standart example, when
there is code

int a = param.asInt();
if (a != 0)

of course, blynk do nothing.

if //auto_off read param
int a = param.asInt();
if (a != 0) {
Serial.print(“Set auto_off =”);

sorry for your time, Blynk is great !