[SOLVED] Sharing Using Local Server Problem

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue when trying to share a project over a local server. After the QR code is scanned or email link is followed, I just get the loading graphic and nothing else. Any suggestions?

Are you trying to open the project in the same network as your local server?

Hello. When you do sharing from local server for QR code is used IP that you type during login. So in case this is local IP address and user who scans QR is not in local network - he will see this behaviour. There are few solutions for this problem :

  1. Scanning should happen from local network;
  2. You need to provide public IP/hostname for your server and connect to it via this public IP/hostname.

Hope this helps.

Yes I am using a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point and both phones are connected to it.

Would this process still be the same if I am using a Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point? Both devices are connected to the Pi.

Hi @Dmitriy,
I’ve done the test as well and I’m facing same issue.
I use the public IP to access my local server.

Do we have to change something at server properties file?

@Dmitriy, @BEmerton
Doing the QR connected to the Wi-Fi (not 4G) works fine at the other phone.
The shared project can be connected to internet using 4G OR Wi-Fi.

Did you get it to work? I still am not able to connect to the shared project.

The QR works. The link provided by the APP doesn’t…
Scan the QR and forget the link…

Are you on iOS or Android?

Hi @Dmitriy,

Local Server v0.16.2
Blynk 1.12.2

@BlynkAndroidDev, this could be something for you mate… :wink:

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@psoro @Dmitriy So it turns out that it was my phone causing the problem. Other phones will scan the QR code and load the app. I have a Moto X Pure Edition and it was not connecting to my local network properly. It shows that it is connected, but won’t communicate with the app. I’m going to research it some. Do you know any reason this might be happening?

@psoro @Dmitriy To be more specific about my setup, I’m running a local server on a Raspberry Pi without internet connectivity, but it still broadcasting. Other android devices and iPhones will connect to it and run fine except for my Moto X. Just another item to add to my long list of things I dislike about this phone.

Thank you for your help

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