[SOLVED] Sharing canceled (energy not recovered)

I noticed that sharing my project is disabled. I know the energy (1000) does not return. The problem is that reactivating asks for the 1000 energies again. I do not know if it was a mistake or I turned it off accidentally. Can you help?

When did you first share the project and is it on Android or iOS?

Android brother

I asked 2 questions.

Ow sorry!
I shared it for the first time and only once about 6 weeks ago. I can not be late on the date

Have you updated the Blynk app and library versions recently as I think the sharing only survives 1 or 2 version upgrades?

I do not know if I understood your question correctly. I always update the Blynk app whenever it’s available in google play. The libraries also update, just do not understand the relationship once this gets on the hardware side.
I believe that I accidentally changed the position of the switch and disabled it. The question is: can I rehabilitate without losing 1000 energies again?

As per the Documentation… http://docs.blynk.cc/#sharing

  • you can revoke access at any moment

WARNING: Sharing costs 1000 energy and this energy is not recoverable even you didn’t use sharing at all.

So whether unused or revoked (what you inadvertently did) it is considered as non-recoverable. Thankfully 1000 points of energy is less then a cheap cup of coffee :wink:

:confused: Tks!


In my app and my place( Mexico) its says $59.00. Its that US dollar or MXN Pesos? If its US dollars its very expensive i think.


Isaac Bojorquez

I couldn’t tell you for sure… I live in Canaderp where we trade in beaver pelts and Timbits :stuck_out_tongue:

But a little logical Googling converts $56 MXN to $3.5 CND or $2.6 USD at today’s rates… 3 years after this original topic!.. so you figure out which makes most sense for you :wink:

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