[SOLVED] Sharing app?

I just tried to share my project to my ipad from iphone but I have problem what am I doing wrong…

On iphone I switch SHARED ACCESS ON then press generate link, 1000 power is deducted and the QR code appears.
On ipad I open blynk app and press the QR picture on the login page the camera works I point it at the iphone QR code and it sees it but I get “This app is no longer available, sorry” so I am down 1000 power and no shared app

Hello. This bug is already fixed. Waiting for Apple approval and publishing. Sorry for inconveniences.

Oh ok, perhaps you could have some post of known bugs or something, I mean I read instructions and searched posts before I tried to share my project but didn’t find any info that there was a bug that prevented sharing working and I guess I wasted 1000 power because I tried it assuming it would work, anyway thanks for your response…

Energy not wasted. It will start working after update :wink:.

The new update which is great by the way did not resolve this bug, still does not work as discribed in original post, also when I tested this I lost another 1000 power!

Any response on this … Is any one successfully sharing there app - iPhone / iPad ?

Waiting for app review…

Ok just updated to latest Blynk for iOS … Sharing is now working however a bit strange on iPhone I have 9 lines available so for example I could put 9 rows of say LEDs but on iPad I only get 8 rows, so when my project has buttons spanning 2 bottom rows on the iPhone I don’t see them on the iPad just a blank bottom row

There is no iPad app. What you see is a zoomed version of iPhone app. And since (iPad resolution = iPhone 4 !=iPhone 5), the bottom row is cropped.

That’s Nice , as Mrs Brown would say.

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