[SOLVED] Shared access without having to rescan QR code every time

Is there a way to let the recipient scan the QR once and have the Blynk app remember and reopen to this project without having to rescan the QR code? Or is this the intended flow until “subscription sharing” comes along?

Hello. Why do you have to rescan? Shared project should always be opened. Or you switching between “shared” and own projects?

Im having a similar issue. I shared a project to my girlfriend’s iphone and if she restarts her phone the project is gone and needs to be scanned again

@Dmitriy, I’m on iOS. When the user exits the Blynk app, the shared access is lost and you are presented again with the login/scan-QR page.

Dear @mdoan7, could you please give a little bit more details?
What do you mean shared access lost? Do you see message “Project is no longer available, sorry” or you are on login page?
Also please check 2 main things:

  • you haven’t perform logout from shared board or slave device.
  • you haven’t refresh token on master device


I confirmed this morning that the shared access DOES remember the scanned QR code on both iOS and Android (running latest app versions, as of this posting, on both platforms.

I confirmed on iOS that I can exit the app, kill the app process, and relaunch the app back into the previously scanned QR without having to rescan the QR code. On android, I exited the app, ran some other app, put the device to sleep and reentered Blynk app without issue (I didn’t kill the app on android… not an android user by nature).

I am asking my user to correlate app versions. Perhaps they were using an older rev. Sorry for the scare and thanks for the prompt support!

I did find another bug with shared access… I’ll start a new thread for it.

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