[Solved] Shared access -> Generate link button not working if energy below 1000

I shared access of a project a couple of months ago. Every time I updated it, the shared app would update. So far so good.
This week, the phone that had the shared version logged out of blynk (an update? nobody knows so far) then the project was lost. Tried logging in, nothing, my shared project never showed up.

So I went to my blynk app and wanted to share again -> the app wants to charge me 1000 energy points again -> FIRST POSSIBLE BUG: why would it charge me again if I already paid for the sharing feature?

Then I said, ok, maybe reinstalling the blynk app in the shared phone would fix this. Nope.

Then I found the QR code in my phone (good thing I took a screenshot and google photos saved it) so I thought I was fine. I scanned it with the shared phone, the other person not being logged in, then the app told me something in the lines of “It’s a public project, login and scan again”. So I logged in with the shared account, then scanned my QR code, and the shared app showed up.

Only that there are some issues with it:
1 - the shared app that showed up has the app “stuck in time”. The app shows only the widgets that I had used at the time, and not the widgets I have today -> SECOND POSSIBLE BUG: the app needs to time travel to present day and version :slight_smile:
2- the shared app shows up with a different AUTH TOKEN -> THIRD POSSIBLE BUG: should the auth token be the same I have in my original project? I’m pretty sure I did not change the original proj auth token after creating the QR code to share it

Any ideas please let me know.

Hello. We have 2 sharing options. Those one that requires login is not sharing - it is more Cloning of project. For shared access all you need is QR code and no login.

Yes. This is correct, not the best option, but this is how we did it at the moment. You have to scan QR again in order to return shared project.

Yeap. This look like a bug. You are saying project was shared before was not shared anymore?

Please send me PM we will restore your energy.

Hi, as it turns out, I just tried and the app DID NOT consume my energy. So it did not allow me to get a new QR code for my project again with lower energy than 1000 (THIS WOULD BE THE BUG) but once I increased the energy level in my account (I temporary deleted one widget to get upwards 1000 energy points) then I was able to share it and KEEP my energy.

So only bug here would be that the Generate Link button does not work in the case you already shared the project AND you want to get another QR code AND your energy is lower than 1000.

no need to restore any energy it seems, thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

PS: I let you decide on the faith of the SECOND and THIRD possible bugs that I mentioned in the first post. They don’t “bug” me anymore.