(SOLVED) Request Virtual pin From App Without tap on Virtual Button

it’s so clearly that when i tap on a button assigned to a Virtual Pin (i.e. Timer Input) Values Will be send, So i want To refresh Values on Hardware Side without Tap on Button - (maby Blynker call this REQUEST a Value of Virtual Pin.)
How is it Possible?

  • in my example i want to refresh Values of Timer input every day

Server update hardware:


Hardware update server:

Blynk.virtualWrite(Vx, value);


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Is it work with timer input widget(hardware update)?

You need to provide more detail of exactly what you want to do.

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Please read my post

Sorry but it’s not clear from your posts what you want to do especially when you factor in the confusion between the Timer and Time Input widgets and that’s before you throw in the RTC widget.


Imagin that you have a time input widget attaches to V0 and RTC widget on app when you set a time on time input and push Ok button the time will be send to server and hardware.again to get the time on hardware
Now imagin that you want to recieve time input data on hardware and V0 without push on ok button just with code (on hardware)

Like as you said -hardware update -
but in this case (time input) Vx doesn’t get 1 or 0 that i use hardware updata

How do you hardware update for time input widget that assineg to Vx

Read through the following thread and see if it helps Is it possible to update a time input widget value from hardware side?

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Thanks SOLVED.