[SOLVED] (Reading the phones) MAC address to identify who did de action!

Is there a way to obtain an ID (Mac address or something like that) of the iphone/android who’s sending the action? I need it to perform a validation.

It is a must for my project identify who did de action!

I think you need read first what MAC Adress is. Short answer is - no.

Thanks Dmitriy for your answer an advice.

I need to read the MAC, or have another usefull information about the sender, due the fact that i must perform certain validations previous to perform the user selected action.

So the question is: is there a way to know who perform the action?

Thank in advance.

In general, this is possible. However, right now Blynk not provides that. Maybe some day in future we will implement this.

@ClaudioCalderon each widget can be locked by a selection of pin numbers. User enters pin number via Terminal widget which unlocks the other widgets. After a brief timeout the widgets automatically lock. Set up a lookup table of pin numbers to users.


@Costas thanks for that use full tip! I’ll try to figure it out how to build a strong way.

Is this a new App implementation that I somehow missed? Or are you just referring to how someone could code up such a routine?


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Can you explain more

@sh.abar.mard take a look at the following code extract I knocked up for you. If you have quite a few pin numbers you would use case rather if statements etc.

String pinCode;   // 1234 is Mary, 4567 is Mungo and 2359 is Midge
                  // Use Terminal widget to collect pinCode String
BLYNK_WRITE(V1){   // Blynk button in SWITCH mode
  if (pinCode == "1234" || pinCode == "4567" || pinCode == "2359"){
    int WidgetAction = param.asInt();
    if(WidgetAction == 1){
      // do something  
      // do something different
    Serial.println("Sorry, this widget is locked");
  if(pinCode == "1234"){
    Serial.println("Mary used the button widget");  
  if(pinCode == "4567"){
    Serial.println("Mungo used the button widget");  
  if(pinCode == "2359"){
    Serial.println("Midge used the button widget");  

I am looking for a solution like this to. But as I see it it’s not quite there yet. If I see this right, then If a user inputs a pin, every user will be able to use the locked commands. This due to there is no way to control who actually entered the pin. Of course this can be minimized by having a timeout but not entirely avoid it.

you’re right, this approach has lots of issues. but probably with lots of trial and error one can code a somewhat usable program.

for example, when someone enters a password, that could be valid just until the first button press, than the variable storing the password will reset.

also, it is important that the entered password to not appear in the terminal. so the users could not see each others passwords.