[Solved] Project Hardware and Connection Type -- Just a Survey?

During creation I am asked to specify the MCU board I am using and the method of connection.
My real device is an Arduino Due with a Yun Shield.

Initially, I assumed that these choices would have a material effect on the behavior, but that does not seem to be the case. That is, the choices I make there (though not tested exhaustively) do not seem to effect either the app running the project or the environment of the MCU code.

I ended up specifying the Due as the hardware and basing the MCU code on the version for the Yun board.

This worked without issue (so far).

So the question is: Are these two questions just platform info for the Blynk developers, helping to, perhaps, set priorities or do they effect the MCU or app execution in a way I have failed to detect?

BTW, I am very impressed with the quality of the documentation, how easily it worked on the hardware and the breadth of coverage of user needs.

Blynk operates as a trinity of sorts… App <-- internet/network --> Server <-- internet/network --> MCU Device

So the choices between device and connection primarily determine the required type of Blynk libraries and how easy/difficult it is to maintain that link between the device and the server.

But the basic commands and processes that occur over this three-way link are generally the same otherwise.

That’s correct. This is done for the future. Someday, we plan to autogenerate sketches based on your project. So you just add devices, put widgets and we generate all code + VIRTUAL_WRITE/READ handlers for that.


Thanks to you both for the quick response. I consider the question Solved.