[Solved] Project dissapeared – is it possible to recreate with the same token?


I have setup ESP8266 with DHT22 and a relay to control temperature of a heater in a country house, and all worked fine for a day or so.

Today when I logged in, some old project has appeared instead, so I deleted it thinking that it prevents the new project to appear. Now I have an empty dashboard. I want to recreate a project with the same auth token, but can’t find the way to do it – it always gives a new token,

Changing auth token is a difficult option since this will require to change ESP8266 script, which is located in a country house and it takes 4 hours to drive there.

Is there any way to either recover the project or create a new one with the same auth token?

Thank you!

@dabystru is the 4 hour drive in the same country?

Blynk have different servers for different locations around the world and AFAIK your project is only on one of their servers. Move around and you will not be able to access your project. The fix is to use a specific IP to access Blynk rather than their server domain of blynk-cloud.com.

Token’s can’t be recovered AFAIK.

Thank you! Yes, it is within Russia, where you can fly for 10 hours and still land in the same country.

Is there a list of all Blynk servers with their IP addresses?

I don’t think the IP allocation’s specifically follow territorial boundaries.

ping blynk-cloud.com and then perhaps connect to VPN’s around the world and do the same.

I might be wrong but GSM v Fixed line telecoms can give you a different IP for Blynk’s servers.

OK, I understood now why I’m seeing different projects when connecting from country house (3G), home (fixed line) and work (VPN to abroad). I need to use the same IP address to ensure the same results from different places. Thanks,

@dabystru please tell me your login name and I’ll provide you with IP. (meanwhile we are working on fix)

@Dmitriy Thank you! After sharing my login name I got the right IP address for the blynk server and everything is working fine without visiting the remote location!


@dabystru Nice. We are working on fix at the moment. Hope within 1 month issue will be fixed.