[SOLVED] Problem with Http Request retains value PLEASE HELP

I have a problem when you send a Web request to update a value of a virtual pin, the value stays for ever even if your virtual pin is a push button. I read others had similar problems, but I’m stuck.
This is my situation: I’ve got a Nodemcu to switch a light, and have 3 ways to power ON/OFF.
1- With Blynk App on my phone, that works perfectly
2- With a push button connected to nodemcu, also works perfectly
3- Google Home, using IFTTT and web request, also works perfectly

Working with the first two at the same time, is no problem. You can power off from push button, and power on from Blynk, all is synchronize.

Option 3 works perfect but individually, can not have them all working at the same time because, of the web request that maintains the value, and my program cannot know when the value of virtual pin has change.

The scenario would be like this:
1- Power ON light with Google Home (Send GET to update virtual pin with value a of HIGH) No problem here works OK
2- Power OFF light with Push button (No problem here)
3- Power ON with Google Home (Here is the problem, as my program can’t know there is a new HIGH value, because the last state of virtual pin is still HIGH.

Been breaking my head all weekend to figure out some way but always end with no solution

Thank you in advance,

Found a solution by myself, was able to sync virtual pin state of toggle button that belonged to the IFTTT Webrequest that had a constant value once sent, so that once another button of the project put the light in OFF position, then I send a OFF value to the state of the toggle button.