[SOLVED] Not so easy to get started!

Hi, I have just got a starter kit from Sparkfun and so far i’m not impressed!
I have downloaded the android app and registered through my PC. I can’t connect to the server to log in on my phone and when I try to scan the QR code to add the energy points the app tells me it is not a valid Blynk code!!
What is going on - have I wasted my money?

Hello. What do you mean by “registered through my PC”?
You need to create account within Blynk app. After that (after login to app) you can scan QR. Do you have SparkFun card with instructions?

IMHO you haven’t wasted your money.

Have you worked through the troubleshooting section of the Sparkfun getting started page at https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/getting-started-with-the-sparkfun-blynk-board

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You need to create account within Blynk app

I tried that but the app would not connect to the server. So I created an account through this site instead.

Thanks for that link. I have worked though the steps but I fall over at the ‘Android Provisioning’ step because I can’t log onto the server. I get this…

or this…

Maybe the router has the required port blocked, port 8442.

Are you in a corporate or domestic environment?

Maybe check your firewall settings.

In case you failed during provisioning you may be in wrong wi-fi network. Could you please check what wi-fi you connected to?

and + @Costas suggestion

Thanks for the quick reply.
I am in a corporate environment (my work network) which may well have that port blocked. Just to confirm that I am trying to sign in using my phone which connected to the normal wi-fi network at the moment, not the Blynk board network.

EDIT: I have it working now - it was the port being blocked on my network